IMBEWU has benefitted from many prestigious ambassadors over the years and continues to do so. Their contribution has strengthened and developed the IMBEWU projects since its founding. Léa Sprunger and Christian Mukuna, the current ambassadors, follow in the footsteps of Thabo Sefolosha, the Swiss Football Association and the Roger Federer Foundation.


Thabo Sefolosha


Keen to make a difference to the living conditions of the youth of the Mamelodi township in Pretoria, the birthplace of his father, Thabo Sefolosha and IMBEWU Switzerland have united their forces to launch a development through sport project.

Know as Bophelo Ke Kgwele or the Thabo Project, today the project welcomes more than 700 disadvantaged children for sports and educational activities. Every day after school, the children can play and develop in a safe environment accompanied by seven coaches who act as role models. The programme provides sports training, workshops on prevention on health and social issues, reading and writing learning support and distribution of a piece of fruit to boost their nutrition. Finally, the project includes renovation of the sports grounds in order to guarantee a proper and safe play area for the children.

Thabo Sefolosha site

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Roger Federer


In 2004, IMBEWU became the first NGO to receive the support of the Roger Federer foundation (RFF). Between 2004 and 2010, IMBEWU and the Roger Federer Foundation worked together on educational and development through sport projects in the Port Elisabeth townships. Thanks to the support of Roger Federer, IMBEWU was able to get 100 children into school, build a multi-function sports grounds in the New Brighton township in Port Elisabeth and to launch the first development through sport project in 2006. A strong and sincere partnership which lasted 6 years and which allowed IMBEWU to evolve, to grow and to become more professional.

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swiss team

Swiss Football Association

In 2010

In partnership with the Swiss Football Association during the FIFA World Cup 2010, IMBEW Switzerland welcomed the Swiss national football team lead by their secretary general Alex Miescher and the player Philippe Senderos to the sports grounds in Port Elisabeth.This partnership was further reinforced by enabling 100 children to participate in the development through sport project, thus making a lasting contribution the South African youth.

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